Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Author Blog Hop - Good Character with a Dash of Bad...

Okay, now I'm getting the hang of this! Thank you Angelika Devlyn for steering me in the right direction. 
Yesterday I was supposed to post this author question and give my answer as part of the Blog Hop: Thursday, June 23rd 2011:

QUESTION: When creating a main character, is it better to start with a good girl/guy with a drop of "bad", or a bad girl/guy with a drop of "good"? Question provided by author Lara Z

MY ANSWER: I personally don't create main characters that way. I look at what the character's main goals are. I look at what they're willing to do to achieve them. Then I put the obstacles in their way - how will they handle them? I believe a character's motivation directly impacts their decision-making, and their interpretation of "good versus bad."

If the perfect opportunity arises to torture, then murder someone who has done something heinous to a "good" character (let's say her name is Lily) - and she knows there's NO way she can get caught - why shouldn't she take advantage of that? To the reader, that's probably BAD, but in Lily's head, it may be the only way to survive. Does that make HER bad?

I think perhaps the true answer to this question is: if you want a good character to do bad things - what weaknesses do you give them? The same recipe goes for a bad guy doing good.

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