Sunday, May 12, 2013

Exercises for Authors

Yeah, that’s right. I’m an author. That means I’m cerebral. I work out with my brain, not my body, which means that my Nordic Track machine is used to hang laundry. It works quite nicely in that capacity.

Do those coffee crunches!
Our Laurie Boris tried to get us to start some good habits like stretching and some strange, new-fangled ergonomic stuff. All that’s fine and dandy, but I can’t really see someone like me actually making the effort to do any of it. So, in the true spirit of entrepreneurial opportunism, I’ve developed an exercise program tailored specifically for authors (and anyone who spends extended hours at a computer). Because what good is a program you won’t actually use?

That’s right, I’ve taken activities in which you participate every day and turned them into exercises! How can you go wrong? Well, duh, you can’t.

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  1. These exercises are great! Don't forget adding "Laugh" to your regime. Laughter burns hundreds of calories. So thanks, K.S., for helping me burn a few more calories with this article. ;)

    All the best and BREAK A PEN!
    -BC Brown "Because Weird is Good."