Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Can't Make Myself Write...

Question:  Please tell me how I can finish a fiction book... I've got great ideas, but I get to the 3rd chapter and pfffttt... any tips???

#1 - Don't write it in order. Write the scenes that move you or interest you the most, then connect them later. (unfortunately that's how I write all the time)

#2 - Just write. Don't edit until afterwards. You can always take out anything you don't like later, and you can always add to it. Just get the foundation down.

#3 - If you have writer's block, take a song that fits the mood of the book or scene and listen to it incessantly until you "catch the mood". I had to do that once and it worked well. I was on the last scene of my rewrite and I couldn't make myself do it.

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