Sunday, March 31, 2013

Authors' Snarkopaedia

Enjoying all this snark? Check out the Indies Unlimited Authors' Snarkopaedia - Volume I.

We are pleased to announce the release of the Indies Unlimited Authors’ Snarkopaedia (Volume I). In this single volume, we have hand-picked the finest mountain-grown snark from an entire year of splendiferous snarkilepsy.

This epic work is bound in rare leather-covered pixels, and rendered in the finest imported lettering available.
Sure, you could expend the time and effort to find some of this treasure on the Indies Unlimited Site, but that could take years and cost thousands of lives. Besides, we know you weren’t paying attention the first time around.

With the Indies Unlimited Authors’ Snarkopaedia (Volume I) you’ll learn and laugh at the same time. Isn’t that better than how you usually do it?

This compendium of work includes articles by the eminent K.S. Brooks, the venerable Laurie Boris, and the irascible Stephen Hise.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Frustrated Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale Author
Once upon a time, there was a lovely author. She was smart, and sexy, sassy and…okay, okay, I said it was a fairy tale, remember? Anyway, she’d been writing her whole life, and finally finished her first novel. Now, this gorgeous author was alive back in the days before there was internet. Yes, I know, that was a very long time ago. You probably weren’t even born yet! But such a time did exist. Ha, ha, very funny. Yes, there was electricity. And typewriters. You’ve probably never seen one of those, have you, smarty pants?

This voluptuous writer, her dream was to have her book represented by the William Morris Agency in New York City. She sat in their waiting room when she was 15 years old, just watching the goings on. It was a magical afternoon in the city that never sleeps. She believed it was her destiny. How could she be denied?

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Postcards from Mr. Pish is up for BigAl's Books and Pals Readers' Choice Awards

Postcards from Mr. Pish East Coast Edition is up for a Readers' Choice Award!

You can vote for Mr. Pish's book by going here:

A special message from Mr. Pish: Please go to the link above.

When you get there, you can scroll down to see a $50 Amazon gift card. Underneath that, to the right, click "Log in." A little screen will pop up with a blue button that says "Log in with Facebook" - click on that. Like magic, back on the original screen, a list of book genres will appear. Children's books is the second category down. Click on the black down arrow and three books will appear. Mine is in the middle. Click the dot in front of my book to select it, then click the big green ENTER button, and you've voted! You're also entered to win the gift card. How cool is that?

Every vote counts as an entry, so feel free to check out the other genres too. And so you know, Internet Explorer has a problem with the voting software, so you'll need to be using a different browser.

Thank you in advance for your vote! Let's win this! WOOF!

BigAl's Books and Pals: BigAl's Books and Pals Readers' Choice Awards: In the twelve months ending February 28th, 2013, BigAl and the Pals received over 1,400 books to consider for review. Almost 300 o...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Author Tools: Google Earth

Yeah, I said Google Earth. For research. What do I know about that? Well, not to brag, but some people may even consider me a bit of an expert on research. Either that, or I completely fooled the staff putting together the Writer’s Guide to 2011 – in which I am quoted numerous times in the chapter titled “Making the Most of Research with Technology.”

But enough about me. Let’s talk some more about me.

I decided, for some reason I cannot explain, that the sequel to Lust for Danger HAD to contain a scene in a skyscraper next to the Danube River in Vienna. Keep in mind, I write faction, so that building had to actually exist. I asked a number of people, and they couldn’t think of one. So, I turned to Google Earth. I scanned along the banks of the Danube until I saw a long shadow: from a skyscraper. Voila!

But that’s not all. Google Earth does SO much more than let you look down from a satellite.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Formula for a Romance Bestseller

All romantic blockbusters should
 have smoking hot women and 
half naked men.
In my last installment, I shared with you the formula for writing a blockbuster action/adventure bestseller. I really can’t believe you missed it, but in case you did, you can read it here. In this installment, I’m going to give you the top secret formula for writing the romance novel that people just can’t resist. That includes the people in Hollywood. They’re going to be banging down your door to get their hands on this one, so watch out. I hope you’re prepared for all that fame and fortune, because it’s coming!

What makes me think I can tell you how to do this? Well, sure, I haven’t actually written a romance novel, but there is romance in my novels. Also, they filmed Failure to Launch and The Wedding Crashers right near where I lived. Not good enough? I’ve won awards, for crying out loud. Whether they have anything to do with writing doesn’t matter, really. They’re awards. Be impressed and shut up.

Now let’s get to it. Follow my advice below, and you’ll be Hollywood-bound, my friend!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Formula for an Action-Adventure Bestseller

Every action-adventure blockbuster 
needs babes, guns and explosions. 
Special Agent Kathrin Night drawn
by Artist Bernie Shuman.
Yeah, yeah, I know: I shouldn’t be sharing this for free. So, what do I ask in return? Remember me when you’re at the opening night of your blockbuster film. And…you can always make a donation using the PayPal button on this page. You can’t really put a price on the advice I’m about to give you, but give it a shot. More zeros after the number in front and before the decimal point is a good start.

I know how it goes – you’re sitting there staring at your screen trying to figure out how to make that action-adventure work-in-progress into a grabbing, mind-blowing, future bestseller. Look, I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’ve seen all the Rambo movies – so I know a thing or two. And I am now going to help you by taking the guess work out of this whole shebang for you. Follow my advice below, and you’ll be Hollywood-bound, my friend!

Formula for an action/adventure bestseller...

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