Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tutorial: Tweeting from Facebook

I’m lazy. I’m honest about this. And I despise self-promotion. That’s not a very good combination for an author who’s expected to promote her own work. So trust me, if there’s an easy way to do something – I’ll find it.

Twitter used to be fun for me, so I didn’t mind going there. Now I’m so inundated with spammy comments that I hardly ever go there anymore – but millions of other people do. Authors are expected to have a Twitter presence and a following. But if you hate going there, how do you keep these imaginary legions of adoring followers entertained? Easy: you set up your author page on Facebook to generate the tweets for you.

First – go to your author/book/ character’s Facebook page. Since my official K. S. Brooks and Mr. Pish pages were both already linked to Twitter accounts, I set up a new page for my recurring character – Special Agent Kathrin Night – so I could show you how. At the top of your Facebook page is the attractive admin panel, which we all love so much since we’ve been forced into submission by timeline. Click on the little drop-down arrow to the right of “Edit Page” (red arrow). You’ll get a drop-down window. Click on “Manage Permissions” (blue arrow).

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Opinion on Everything. Sort of.

That’s right: I have an opinion on everything. I’ve shown you what your minimal requirements should be for building your author empire here. Now I’m going to tell you some other things you need to know.
1. Backlist. Having only one published book is NOT going to cut it. You need lots of books. If you expect to sell a million books, having a million titles to sell is a phenomenally good idea. That would mean you’d only have to sell one of each title to reach your goal. Of course, you know you can easily sell one book. So, your goal should be to write a good portion of the books you intend to sell. This is such simple logic. I don’t understand why no one gets this.
2. Loss Leader. A loss leader is something that you don’t mind losing money on because it draws people to your offerings and they purchase your other stuff. It’s like the sacrificial lamb of your backlist. This is something every author should have. I’m very good at loss leaders, so take my word for it. I have 10 of them.
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